The Conscious Artist Master Class offers a variety of Creative Workshops to revitalise and nurture the Creative Soul.

Located on the side of the epic Cradle Mountain, the air is pure and the view of Tasmania is so breathtaking that one might consider a tree change.

How often do we set let our passions drift away from us?
How often do we set aside the time to come together with others to share creative knowledge and skills, inspiration and friendship in the bliss of nature?

In February 2016 I discovered the rustic, replenishing landscape of North East Tasmania. Whisked away from Launceston, in a car filled with a mix of creative folk from all different backgrounds and practices.

The collective vision is for a greater opportunity for creative empowerment. Through nurturing our own individual talents and interests, we are able to reflect a more enriched and actively creative society.

Together, through the exchange of knowledge, wisdom and creative solutions we can inspire a new narrative. The essence of our community is that it is a global powerhouse for change. Through the success of community development projects we are further united towards the challenges that are being faced by humanity.

The Creative Master Classs offered an ability to reconnect with my true love for writing from the perspective of poetry, nature, community and reflection.




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