LoveFound is a Grassroots Non For Profit founded in 2008 by Priscilla Devi Prasad.
It is inspiring to meet someone as bright, dignified and warm as Priscilla Devi Prasad. A local to Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia, Priscilla is a strong presence in her local community, her hometown Vancouver, and her adopted community in Nepal.

As with any dream, it takes a long time to manifest, and, for the last 9 years, LoveFound has been the organisation with a heart for Youth Empowerment for Children and Marginalised Women in Nepal.

Initially inspired by a desire to travel overseas, Priscilla eventually found her home in volunteer work abroad, and successfully managed to ground herself securely into Community Development projects in Nepal as a Volunteer Coordinator. It transformed over the years as Priscilla began to successfully implement LoveFound as a sustainable method for Community Development, Social Change and Creative Empowerment.

With a creative hybrid of Fashion Design, Event Management and life on the road as a Festival Vendor, the presence and success of LoveFound is at most due to the passion, love and force of the Priscilla herself.

Through a variety of platforms for social change, Priscilla manages to use her LoveFound High Vibration Clothing Line to fund and generate awareness for various projects affiliated with LoveFound.

The Art for Social Change PRASAD initiative; whereby Artlab, a collective of young street artists, paint the walls of Kathmandu to transform the streets in front of the local community and leave a visual dedication to the various role models and local heroes of Nepalese society, such as the poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Their street art project, named PRASAD, aims at encouraging young people to create opportunities in Nepal and will be brought to more than six different Nepalese regions.


Kiran Maharjan from Artlab (a CKU-partner in Nepal) is finishing a mural in Kathmandu. Photo: Rajneesh Bhandari

LoveFound also collaborates with other organisations, such as the Seeds of Change Foundation, for significant projects such as the Children’s Ziggurat in Kathmandu. A sustainability and conservation  project which addresses the needs of the nearby communities by offering a library accessible to the public and a seismically stable refuge area during earthquakes.

Moreover, LoveFound heralds a unique and successful presence in Vancouver as a platform for Community, as well as social contributor to Festivals through Conscious Vending, which, alongside providing donations and revenue from sales,  is a positive social mechanism for Youth Empowerment and Social Change. Through a presence and creative and transformational lifestyle festivals, Priscilla interweaves the significance of her Community in North America, and her Community in Nepal. LoveFound manages to retail a variety of conscious clothing and high vibrational jewellery, which adds a unique flare for generating sustainable income for Children and Marginalised Women in Nepal, whilst inspiring others to choose more consciously about the clothes they wear and the lifestyle it supports.

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